Key personnel

Teachers of theory – instructors of the flight school and instructors and teachers of the Air Force Academy.

Flight instructors – (the professional pilots only) mostly the former military pilots – instructors with extensive flying experience in the military and civil sectors, in missions abroad and as formation leaders.

Our instructors has flown more than 42,000 flight hours. They comprise a well-coordinated and highly professional team of experts with rich flying experience and theoretical knowledge necessary for any of the flight training levels on helicopters or aeroplanes. They are able to teach even the most demanding manoeuvres of piloting (landing on the mountainous terrain, flights in formations, emergency procedures which include real autorotation to the ground, simulated landing after failure of the yaw controls, loss of aircraft control and consequent escape manoeuvres, and the like.)

Advisor to the General Manager of the Slovak Training Academy, Ltd.: Ing. Juraj LAUŠ

For the past ten years, of my career, I have led several projects for the executive office for simulation and training of the US Army directly in the US, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Flight School Manager / Head Instructor:
Ing. Peter KORBA, Maj. AF (ret.)

Helicopter instructor, with the extensive instructor’s experience in the landing in autorotation. Pilot-instructor of the 1 st. class, test pilot and examinator. He has flown over 4600 hours (2600 hours as instructor) on Mi-2, Mi-8, Mi-17, AS-350 B2, AS-355 N and NP, R-44, H-269C helicopters.

The former Squadron leader. He served in a mission SFOR in Bosnia-Herzegovina as a commander of a helicopter unit.